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Workspace that inspires productivity:  CoWrks website

Workspace that inspires productivity: CoWrks website

CoWrks - A national network of co-working spaces. A co-working community experimenting with work-life balance and perfect workspace. 
Website link: https://www.cowrks.com/


The earlier website of CoWrks didn’t reflect the brand. There were multiple problems in the navigation and customers found it difficult to navigate through out the site and understand the offerings and services that CoWrks proves. This new redesign aimed to solve all those problems and bring out the true identity of the brand to its customers.


We wanted to design a website that reflects our center's physical design and also we wanted to bring our earthy feeling. There were several problems with the earlier version of the website. Few of them were the city, center, and solution page was confusing purely in terms of UX. So we took this opportunity to redesign all these pages.


PM: Varghese Cherian, Adlina Jenitta
Copywriter: Karthik Kashyap

UX, visual and art direction: Suvojyoti Ray

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