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Making protein bread accessible across India: The Health Factory

Making protein bread accessible across India, The Health Factory: Case study

The health factory as a business makes and delivers protein bread and cookies. I have designed the website for The health factory. This is a UX/UI document for that. The purpose of this document is to categorize and bucket the various features/functions of the product into a hierarchical structure. This helps defines the workflow and gauge how content is distributed across various sections of the product.


Before I went ahead with the digital transition project, it was important to understand how customers consuming protein bread and what alternative options they have.

Use cases

Although retail consumption showed varying results.
The clear criteria for digital consumption were focused on the younger audience and families who are concerned about the healthier who want to buy on a recurring basis.

Young individuals: A young professional who has moved to a city and doesn’t have too much time for shopping and just looking for healthy alternatives.

Into fitness: Fitness enthusiasts would definitely prefer to replace their regular bread with protein bread.

Families: Subscription would be a great option for families. Where they require a regular supply of bread.

Healthy alternative: Any individual looking for a healthy to regular bread or want to increase their protein intake through bread.

User flow & IA

The purpose of this exercise is to understand the user journey from the start of the process until the end of the journey. It also helped us in making the information architecture.

Mobile Screens

These are the final screens, considered for the product.

Desktop Screens

These are the final screens, considered for the product.


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