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Delhi: Save the city

Delhi: Save the city

The air quality in Delhi, the capital territory of India, according to a WHO survey of 1,650 world cities, is the worst of any major city in the world. It also affects the districts around Delhi. Air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 2 million people every year; it is the fifth-largest killer in India. India has the world's highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma, according to the WHO. In Delhi, poor quality air irreversibly damages the lungs of 2.2 million or 50 percent of all children.

On 25 November 2019, the Supreme Court of India made statements on the pollution in Delhi saying "Delhi has become worse than narak (hell)". Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra said that it is better to get explosives and kill everyone.

I made this personal project as an awareness to save the city. #SaveDelhi, #SaveItForHeritage, #SaveItForChildren, #SaveItForTheQueens, #SaveItForEconomy, #SaveItForEcology

Save it for the heritage
18.9 million people told it’s just one cracker
Save it for the God
Save it for the pride
Save it for yourself
Save it for your Family
Save it for the Freedom
Save it for culture
Save it for the future
Save it for the Queens
Save it for innocence
Save it for economy
Save it for yourself
Save it for ecology

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