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Date with paratha identity

It’s time for a garam DP.

Paratha is not just food, it’s love. We at ‘Date with Paratha’ pride ourselves on celebrating and expressing love in all forms.

There is a famous Hindi saying ‘ Jaisa khaaye ann, waisa hove mann’. This means what we eat has a direct impact on our mind, body, and heart. We believe that when we cook with love, food becomes more nutritious and fulfils the hearts & minds of people eating the food with positivity.

DP is authentic, bold, quirky and expressive. We freely celebrate love and create endless memories. We come with a funny bone.

Date with Paratha is like:
A timeless affair: Ideal as a breakfast, a meal, or a dessertA true love: It’s spicy, cheesy, sweet, tangy, and soulful

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